Saturday, September 14, 2013

One Year Post

So I clearly suck at this whole blogging thing. Whenever I think to myself, I should really blog today, a taunting phrase pops into my mind saying 'you make time for the things that are important to you.' I promise, blogging IS important to me. I want to be a better blogger, especially since our church leaders and prophets say that we need to keep journals. So let's try this baby one more time

About a month ago, Scott and I celebrated our one year anniversary. I still can't believe that we have been married for over a year - it went by so fast! Honestly. When people would ask us how long we were married, I got used to saying 'about 3-4 months' and then poof! an entire year pops up! I apologize to anyone I accidentally told during the month of July that we had only been married for three or four months because I'm pretty sure it happened. I just didn't realize how fast the year went by.

So for our anniversary celebration, we decided to hop on a plane a take a trip on over to New Orleans. We took friday off of work because frankly, we didn't want to work on our anniversary - we wanted to play.

When we got to The Big Easy we spend most of Friday walking around French Quarter and my goodness, New Orleans is humid! Which took a jaunt down Bourbon street (which smells so disgusting, by the way) and then headed on over to Jackson Square to visit the St. Louis Cathedral.

Jackson Square was FILLED with artists, musicians, voodoo practitioners, and painted street performers. It was a blast! We spent so much time looking at all of the original artwork attached to the park's fence. Each artist had their own unique style and most had pieces that showcased New Orleans life and culture. I LOVED walking around Jackson Square  because deep down, part of me wishes I studied art and painted more in school. 

The one thing that I wanted to do in New Orleans was go on one of those steam engine river boats with the big paddlewheel on the back - so we found one. It provided a historical tour of the Mississippi River, dinner and live jazz music on board. I was in love. It was such a fun anniversary activity and one that is very memorable.

We only stayed one night in New Orleans, so the next day, we just started our morning by getting beignets for breakfast at the famous Cafe Du Monde and then walking around the French Market. The line for Cafe Du Monde was crazy, but it went by quickly. Those beignets were covered with pounds of powdered sugar and deep fried delicious-ness that you know is probably not the best for you. But man, it tasted amazing! 

There also happened to be the Satchmo Summerfest - a three day outdoor music festival with tons of jazz music and street vendors. We happened upon a jazz group just walking through the French Market playing various songs as they went.

I have a small little desire to try and stick by the Traditional Anniversary Gifts to the best that we can from year to year (which might require a little creativity). For example, the first anniversary gift, the traditional theme is paper. So I got Scott a year subscription to Sports Illustrated and he got me a picture frame and several pictures to decorate my cube at work. We also got a gift for us both to enjoy and remember our New Orleans adventure that sticks to the paper theme.

We got two prints from an artist that goes by the name Shakor. His gallery is right next to Jackson Square and we fell in love with his paintings of the French Quarter when we were walking by. We both loved them so much that we bought two prints. 

We had such a fun time in New Orleans - both of us agree that we would love to go back there. This time I didn't get my life read by a tarot card reader, but maybe next time.