Laura (wife) is the main author of this glorious blog. She enjoys knitting (weird?) and curling up with a good book and a blanket. She loves writing and often writes how she would talk - so please forgive her if her posts are a bit confusing and sound rambly. Her favorite color is green followed closely by turquoise. She loves what lime adds too food/drinks and hates ice in her beverages.

Scott (husband), is the genius behind the blog's name. He loves snowboarding and hockey probably because grew up in Canada (eh!).  Unlike Laura, Scott loves ice in his drinks. He hates cilantro and ginger and will most likely order nachos at any restaurant.

Scott and Laura met in April 2011 at academic advising training for Brigham Young University - Idaho. The next day, they had a class together. They would periodically chat in class and at work. Scott sometimes would come over to her apartment to work on homework with her roommate - they were in the same Econ class. After homework, Scott would just hang around their apartment and eventually made his way over to the other couch where Laura sat.

Their first date was to a work party, unfortunately Laura didn't realize it was a date until after they left the party. But she soon caught on and enjoyed spending time with him. This led to more hanging out and more dates. Soon not a day went by when they didn't spend some time together.

Unfortunately, Laura left at the end of that wonderful semester to go work in Thailand. And after leaving, she realized what a great man she had left behind in Rexburg. They continued a long distance relationship and battled time zones to find opportunities to talk to each other. It was difficult but they made it work. Scott flew out to Thailand to spend Christmas with Laura and also to propose marriage.